Type Rating on Airbus :

Atom Aviation Services is the leading provider for type rating on Airbus across the country. Our partners operates the world’s largest airline training location network with more than 30 easily accessible locations serving every region around the globe so you can train close to your airline’s base of operations.We represent more than 15 International organizations in India for various products.

We offer pilot training services on more than 140 aircraft full-flight simulators, including the widest coverage of in-development, in-production and in-service aircraft models.

Type rating on Airbus specific training courses include initial, recurrent, refresher, upgrade, transition, supplemental and advanced courses for pilots in all segments of civil aviation.

Our pilot training programs are designed to provide commercial aircraft pilots with the highest-quality, operationally oriented training experience. Through innovative methodologies, advanced technology simulation-based training tools, and best-in-class instructors, we offer flexible programs tailored to your training needs.

A 320 Simulator

A 320 Simulator

Locations for Type Rating on Airbus :

  • Madrid
  • Lithuania
  • Germany
  • Egypt

Our Type Rating on Airbus is conducted as per DGCA syllabus and we help the pilots from the initial start of type rating till license endorsement.

Cost of A-320 Type Rating :

The total cost of doing A-320 type rating is approximately 12 to 15 lakhs varies from TRTO to TRTO.

Most of our students have been recruited by various airlines. Contact Us for more details about A-320 Type Rating program.

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