According to the Director General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) in India and the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) issued under the provisions of Rule 42A and Rule 133A of the Aircraft Rules 1937 and CAR Section 7 Series ‘J’ Part III, Issue II 11th August 2011, all operators must be in compliance with Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTL) requirements contained in the CAR by latest 15th Feb 12.


In view of the above requirement, we have developed a FDTL software:

Aviatorflight Pro is a web based system where Flight Time,Duty time,Flight Duty Period,Rest etc could be recorded and tracked very easily.The records are maintained in accordance with DGCA CAR.


1.The Hosting of web application is on green servers
2.Entire system is web based hence it could be assessed from any where
3.The database and web application is very secure
4.DGCA will have the read only access to the web application.
5.Training on utilization of web application will be provided free of cost


Our Major Clients are as follows :



We have two options for FDTL Software as follows :

  1.  Standalone software – Complies with all the rules and data could be accessed by anyone online.
  2. Online Software- Complies with all the rules and regulation as per DGCA,very flexible.

Call : +91-9891576645 or mail : for more details.

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