Air Ambulance Service :

Atom Aviation providing Air Ambulance Service i.e. the flying ICU facility in our crafts with all medical care for the purpose of transporting patient from one place to other place with the medical facility. Air ambulance services, will be given by flights helicopter seaplane,and even in space craft for the purpose of medical care,Mainly purpose of air ambulance services, air ambulance flights, air ambulance helicopter, rescue operations, disaster managements, and medivac, air ambulance services . With just one aim to save the life, challenging mission for to save the life of our people, our medical and technical experts from highly qualified Aero space medicine, pilots and all ground staff only has one aim to serve the society in well way to save some one life in our leaving time, Atom aviation team ready to fly equipped with even in space program, advanced cardiac life support systems, advanced trauma life support systems to save some one in deed. Our medical team the experienced rescue team in our network are certified in to produced to give the best goal.


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Air Ambulance Services-Atom Aviation


What is Air Ambulance ?

Air Ambulance is the flying icu in our helicopter and aircraft, around the world with all mulity speciality medical and aero space medicine care with the experts in 24/ 7*365 days any where any time, for the purpose of saving the lives of people around us.


Purpose of air ambulance ?

Air Ambulance is a business class aircraft that is specially equipped with a flight stretcher, advanced life support equipment, medications and a highly trained medical staff. If you require extensive or urgent medical assistance, an air ambulance is the best method of transport.


We provide :

Air Charter Ambulance

Train Ambulance

Road Ambulance


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