HEMS-Helicopter Emergency Medical Services India

HEMS-Helicopter Emergency Medical Services In India :

HEMS is basically an evacuation carried by helicopter. Recently DGCA(Directorate General of Civil Aviation ) has given a draft on HEMS operation in India.It consists of all the definitions,abbreviations,rules,requirements etc.HEMS could play a vital role in Emergency response specially for transportation of live organs or critically ill patient.  For any developed country, the emergency response time shall be very less. India is a developing country and HEMS operations is one aspect for becoming a developed nation.Air Ambulance Service in India is developing a a a very rapid speed.

HEMS-Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

HEMS-Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

HEMS Scope :

The utilization of helicopter in EMS role, or Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) is a modern trauma care delivery system. It provides clinical benefits by shortening the time to delivery of definitive care to patients with time sensitive medical conditions, provide necessary specialized medical expertise/ equipment to patients before and/or during transport, or provide transport to patients inaccessible by other means of transport. It is a dedicated service which is always on standby with medical intervention technology and onboard medical expertise that far surpasses GEMS ambulance. HEMS is not merely a patient transportation system but a trauma response system that can stabilize and treat critical patients by intervention procedures if required, leading to dramatic improvement of outcomes.

When doing inter city organ transplant ,time is very critical. Generally life of organs is around 3-4 hours.  hence it is very important that organs shall reach on time. For avoiding the traffic on road, helicopter plays an important role in saving the life.

HEMS is a specialized service that marries two critical activities of medicine and aviation.

DGCA has specified many rules and regulations for the same.Guideline protocols for dispatch and usage of helicopter in HEMS duty shall be defined in the Medical Manual. It should enumerate conditions that require HEMS intervention and the triage process so as to diminish medical oversight variability and justify appropriateness in usage.

Details of the draft could be found HERE

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Medical equipment from the helicopter may be required to be removed or replaced due to items being expended, consumed or rendered unserviceable. If this operation is uncomplicated and does not require specialist tools, a person other than certified mechanic could be trained and authorised to remove or replace such equipment.


HEMS Experience Levels.

(a) Initial HEMS Training. Before undertaking HEMS operational flying, all pilots shall undergo initial HEMS training which shall conform to the AMC for HEMS Operational Training (HOT) placed at Appendix IV.

(b) Flight Experience. The experience level of the HEMS Commander conducting HEMS flight shall not be less than:-

(i) Either,

(aa) 2000 hours as pilot-in-command/commander on helicopters, or

(bb) 1000 hours as co-pilot in HEMS operations of which 500 hours are as pilot-in-command under supervision and 100 hours pilot-in-command/commander of helicopters.

(ii) 500 hours operating experience in helicopters gained in a similar operational environment, and

(iii) for pilots engaged in night operations, 100 hours of night as pilot-in-command/commander on helicopters.

(c) Pilots engaged in HEMS flight shall hold valid instrument rating

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