Jet Airways To Buy 75 More Boeing

This is the third agreement Jet Airways has entered into for Boeing's 737 MAX narrow body jets over the last one year.

Jet Airways said it has agreed with Boeing to buy 75 of its 737 MAX aircraft, as the private carrier expands to meet domestic passenger demand in the world’s fastest-growing aviation market.

Jet Airways said in a regulatory filing it had entered an agreement to buy the aircraft, but it did not say whether the agreement was a formal order or a non-binding memorandum of understanding.

The Boeing 737 MAX family brings the latest technology to the most popular jet aircraft of all time, the 737. The 737 MAX is designed to provide passengers with a comfortable flying experience and more direct routes to their favorite destinations.

Airlines are taking advantage of the MAX’s incredible range and flexibility, offering passengers connections to smaller cities around the globe including transatlantic and trans-continental routes.

The unmatched reliability of the MAX means more 737 flights depart on time with fewer delays. And technological advances plus powerful LEAP-1B engines are helping to redefine the future of efficient and environmentally friendly air travel.

This is the third agreement Jet Airways has entered into for Boeing’s 737 MAX narrow body jets over the last one year, taking the total to 225 aircraft. The airline signed firm orders for 75 planes each in October and April.

Based on Boeing’s list prices, the latest deal could be worth as much as $9.7 billion depending on which 737 MAX the airline chooses. Airlines usually get significant discounts from manufacturers though, bringing costs well below list prices.

The 737 MAX can seat between 130 and 230 passengers, depending on the variant.

The latest agreement comes as airlines in India rush to expand fleets to meet ever-increasing demand for domestic as well as international flights, making it one of the most targeted sales markets for Boeing and European rival Airbus SE.

Boeing said in July last year it expected Indian airlines to order up to 2,100 aircraft worth $290 billion over the next 20 years, calling it the highest-ever forecast for Asia’s third-largest economy.

Domestic passenger traffic in India has grown at more than 20 per cent annually in the last few years despite a lack of infrastructure and air traffic congestion at some of its busiest airports such as Delhi and Mumbai.

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